PAC 2015
Variation, change and spoken corpora: advances in the phonology and phonetics of contemporary English


Oral presentations 


Anna Jespersen, High Rise Terminals and discourse structure in Sydney Aboriginal English PDF

Malgorzata Kul, Paulina Zydorowicz, A corpus-based study of vowel reduction in two speech styles: comparison between English and Polish PDF

Aurélie Chlebowski, The prosody of «nasal grunts» in the NECTE corpus PDF

Olivier Glain, The phonological fuzziness of palatalisation in contemporary English. A case of near-phonemes? PDF

Cécile Viollain, The Short Front Vowel Shift in the light of the PAC New Zealand corpus: from empirical data to a Dependency analysis

Adrien Méli, Vowel acquisition in French-English interphonology LINK

Quentin Dabouis, English Phonology and the Literate Speaker PDF

Stephan Whilhelm, Beyond Universals? PDF

Anita Szakay and Eivind Torgersen, Voice quality differences in London English: The effect of gender and ethnicity PDF

Caroline Bouzon and Kathleen M. O’Connor, The interaction of the syllabification and aspiration in the English of French learners PDF

Daniel Hirst, The automatic analysis of speech prosody: perspectives for computer-assisted learning PDF

Fabien Techer and Nicolas Ballier, The CV effect: French enchaînement and liaison among French learners of English PDF

Uliana Petrunina, Some prosodic features of checking and yes-no questions in African American English PDF

Sophie Herment & Laetitia Leonarduzzi, Exploring Phonosyntax in Newcastle English PDF

Jérémy Castanier, Stress-placement in etymologically prefixed disyllabic noun/verb pairs revisited :a semantic and diachronic approach PDF

Takayuki Konishi & Mariko Kondo, Acoustic manifestation of English prosody by Japanese speakers PDF

Gabor Turcsan, Making sense of nonce word stress in English (handout) PDF

Yann Gerboud, Perception of English Accents by French Learners of English PDF

Sylvain Navarro, English rhoticity: empirical data and phonological modeling PDF

Daniel Huber, Because in Lancashire (Bolton) English PDF

Maelle Amand, “Did you say face or fierce?” Variation in four Geordie vowels in the TLS corpus PAC conference PDF

Quentin Dabouis & Jean-Michel Fournier, Disyllables and Syllable Weight PDF


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